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Making public goods tradeable

Nonprofit and social entrepreneurship focusing on outcomes at scale.


Funders have great responsiblity 

An impact market is similar to a prize contest. As a retroactive funder you commit money to reward the contributions you want to see. But you can also resell them.

Pay for outcomes, not actions

Use your funding to create strong impact incentives. Steer rather than row.

Never miss a great funding opportunity

The market can help you detect lesser-known retroactive funding opportunities.

Pay investors to carry your risk

You can focus on evaluating outcomes and pay investors to worry about the risks involved in obtaining them.

Less Due Dilligence

You can make fewer larger grants. Let your staff focus on priorities research and macrostrategy, not dodging scams and PR hazards.

Add social impact to your portfolio

Traditionally the most impactful projects are not-for-profit. With impact markets you can add nonprofit projects to your impact portfolio.

Beat the competition with your specialist knowledge

Use your expertise in specific niches to pick charitable projects better than others. Now you can capitalize on your advantage.

Provide unique resources to your projects

Help your projects succeed by providing them with all the resources they need, which you can buy in bulk.

Put your network to work

Let your projects blossom by connecting them with your extensive network of advisors and domain specialists.

Investors drive social innovation

Invest into public benefit projects like in any other for-profit startup. Pick the ones that’ll succeed. Profit when retroactive funders buy their outcomes.

Social projects are what it’s all about

Pitch your project to investors for seed funding, then sell your outcomes to retroactive funders.

Bootstrap rapidly with copious funding

Your investors want you to succeed as much as you do, so expect a post-scarcity nonprofit experience.

Get access to your investors’ networks and resources

Need a data center or contact to policy analysts? Just ask your investors.

Collaborate with all your investors’ projects

Your investors will be eager to connect you to anyone in your space who they’ve also invested in.

Expand your hiring pool

Hire top talent and align incentives through financial participation in your success.

The future buys outcomes.

Impact markets are our attempt to transfer the benefits of startup equity to the nonprofit space – including seed investment, employee participation, price discovery, and more.

You can think of impact markets as a series of nested price contests.

Our vision is one where there is a separation of concerns between philanthropic funders who research what outcomes the world needs, charities that produce these outcomes as efficiently as possible, and investors who help the charities succeed.

Impact markets are a powerful mechanism to realize this vision. We need to get them just right to harness their power. We invite you to learn more about our plans and weigh in yourself on Discord.



Q1 2022

  1. Develop solutions to safety challenges ✔

  2. Develop a roadmap ✔

  3. Form a community ✔

Q2 2022

  1. Raise seed funding ✔

  2. Form a company ✔

  3. Run small-scale experiments ✔

Q3–4 2022

  1. Develop a ledger for impact certificates 

  2. Develop a basic auction platform 

  3. Set up a prize contest based on impact certificates

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