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Your Crowdsourced and Meritocratic
Charity Evaluator

Signal-boost the best projects,

or follow the signal to the best projects


A charity evaluator for all cause areas

Charity evaluators have sophisticated and trusted processes, but they can’t scale down to projects so small and numerous that the evaluation costs as much as they can absorb in funding. Charity evaluators also don’t exist for many cause areas.


But only because there is no one who can evaluate all these projects, doesn’t mean that there is no one who can evaluate any of them.


We aggregate the knowledge that is already out there.

Charity entrepreneurs

We score donors by their track record of finding new high-impact projects such as yours. A good donation track record signal-boosts the projects that they support. You’ll be discovered by more donors, which can snowball into greater and greater success.

Specialist donors

Signal-boost the best projects! You get a “donor score” based on your track record of impact, and the higher your score, the greater your boost to the projects you support. This lets you leverage your expertise for follow-on donations, getting the project funded faster.


Follow donors who have skin in the game! Impact Markets is a crowd-sourced charity evaluator for all the small, speculative, potentially-spectacular projects across all cause areas ranked by the donations they’ve received from specialist donors. You can tap into the wisdom of these donors and boost the impact of your donations.

Philanthropic funders

Specialist donors research their donations in-depth, and they can access local information to find exceptional funding gaps. We signal-boost that knowledge and make it accessible to you. You can use cash or regranting prizes to incentivize these donors, or you can mine their findings for any funding gaps that you want to fill!

Carbon credits – but generalized for any impact

Impact markets are our attempt to transfer the benefits of for-profit entrepreneurship to the non-profit space.


Our vision is one where there is a separation of concerns between philanthropic funders who research what outcomes the world needs, charitable projects that produce these outcomes as efficiently as possible, and donors who earn money by predicting project success.

Impact markets are a powerful mechanism to realize this vision.



Phase 1

  1. An app to publish and score projects ✔

  2. A candidate scoring rule for donors ✔

  3. A community of charity entrepreneurs and donors

Phase 2

  1. Play money “impact credits” (analogous to carbon credits)

  2. More power to top donors vs. evaluators

  3. A community of top donors who evaluate projects responsibly

Phase 3

  1. Legal research into putting impact credits on equal footing with carbon credits

  2. Final decisions on scoring rules and impact credit payout schedules

  3. Onboarding of final funders to retire/consume impact credits

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